Bemer Mat Session

About Bemer Mat:

The Bemer Mat is currently approved as a Class 1 Medical Device, has 5 International Patents, over 1.2 Million Bemers in use in over 40 countries, is used by over 4000 hospitals, clinics and universities in Germany alone, as well as Olympic and many Pro sports teams around the world.


What Bemer can do for you:

• Enhance supply and disposal
• Better general blood flow
• More strength and energy
• Enhance cardio function
• Better concentration
• More physical Fitness
• Better performance
• Sleep Management
• Better relaxation
• Stress Reduction
• Anti-Aging

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Sensitiv Imago Machine

This machine scans every organ and system in your body for proper function, pathogen and toxin accumulation.

The Senstiv Imago


Ionic detox is known to remove toxins, relieve pain/headaches, help clear skin, purify the blood, and more.

Ionic Footbath