Power Plate- How it works and the benefits with Chad Allen.

At 52 years old, my metabolism is not the same as it was, when I was younger. It started to become very obvious to me this year. I searched for an exercise program that wouldn’t take a lot of time…because I am lazy. I found Power Plate. The Power Plate classes were only 30 minutes and I loved the concept. How can you go wrong with something that is stimulating your lymphatic system, speeding up your metabolism, shaking off the cellulite, and physically working out, all at the same time?

I did a 2 week challenge. The challenge was, to take 10 classes within 2 weeks. I felt immediate results. By the second class, I felt physically stronger. Throughout the 2 weeks,  I noticed that my eyes weren’t as puffy, when I woke up in the morning.  Also my rotator cuff injury, that I did 6 years ago, started feeling better. The dull pain I experience, faded. On top of ALL that, I lost 5 pounds and one inch off of my belly and hip area. A win-win situation!

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