The Sensitiv Imago

* Analyses the homeostasis of organs and systems and detect diseases in the whole body, their possible causes and prognosis of future disease development 

*  Detects the biological activity of microflora, presence of viruses, bacteria, parasites with details to location and their degree of damaging effect on organism

* Analyses the genetic pre-disposition to detect likelihood for development of certain diseases

* Treatment with bioresonance and using individually prepared spectronosodes which are tailor made for every individual client

* Detection of food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, electro-magnetic sensitivities



Benefits include better circulation, stress reduction, increased energy, anti-aging, and more restful sleep.

Bemer Mat


Ionic detox is known to remove toxins, relieve pain/headaches, help clear skin, purify the blood, and more.

Ionic Footbath

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