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Where science meets state-of-the-heart healing.

We believe that our ailments not only affect our physical bodies, but our emotional and spiritual bodies as well. We use modern technology to accurately assess the root of your conditions and discomforts, so we can start the healing process at the source.

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  • Sensitiv Imago Machine

    This machine scans every organ and system in your body for proper function, pathogen and toxin accumulation.

    The Senstiv Imago

  • Bemer Mat

    Benefits include better circulation, stress reduction, increased energy, anti-aging, and more restful sleep.

    Bemer Mat

  • RHN_menuservices-footbath.jpg

    Ionic detox is known to remove toxins, relieve pain/headaches, help clear skin, purify the blood, and more.

    Ionic Footbath

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