I was having a flare up of salivary stone pain, so I went to Maria for help. These stones pass through the salivary duct and can sometimes cause a painful infection. I was barely functioning from the pain and had to take antibiotics, which I try to avoid. I got a full scan from Maria which was very interesting and also had a Rife treatment focused on my salivary gland. That night the stone passed with zero pain. I have to attribute it to Maria and what we did during the session. I highly recommend seeing her for specific issues or overall insight to your health.


I went to Maria to help clear up some residual Candida issues. Even though my diet and lifestyle have been changed for many years I still struggle a bit with acne, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, fatigue etc. Maria ran the scan on me and we were able to see the root causes of these issues. Lo and behold Candida could still be found in my system- as well as other culprits that were exacerbating my symptoms. Since beginning treatments with Maria, I see a complete and total change in my well-being. My eyes are brighter, my skin is clearer, and I am sleeping better. I am able to do my job 100% better because I’m more focused, as well as more outgoing and confident. I had plateaued taking care of my health issues on my own, and Maria took me not only to next level but beyond. I am incredibly grateful to her and that this form of treatment is even available.